Club Uniform

DTSC has a variety of uniform options available for members, with a small number of items currently in stock. Members are offered the opportunity to select from a wide range of products, including polo tops, shorts, hoodie, cap, beanie and deck coats. We encourage all registered members to purchase a club polo which should be worn for club events and targeted meets (please note if you are already a state qualified swimmer, there is a “State Team”  polo to select in TryBooking).

Following are the uniform items for purchase (all prices include GST):

Polo Top   –  $46.50  (If you are a state qualified swimmer, please select a “State Team” polo top)

Shorts       –  $25.50

Hoodie     –  $69.50

Cap           –  $14.50

Beanie      –  $11.00  (These can be ordered directly from the club via email)

All uniform items are available for purchase via

Please note that all swimmers competing at either encouragement or qualifying meets are required to wear to DTSC polo top.

We have also partnered up with Engine to bring high quality deck coats to the swimmers. We recommend the purchase of the deck coats as they keep swimmers warm between races. At this stage, Engine has advised that the deck coats will be priced at around $150.00. The deck coats are hooded and of very good quality, knee length with a protective outside fabric. They will contain the DTSC logo. If you are interested in purchasing a deck coat please indicate in the TryBooking link.   

Trybooking contains a size chart (please note measurements are only approximate for guidance only) and visual of the uniforms. When purchasing, if between sizes please order the larger one – they grow fast!

Please contact the Head Coach or the Club Committee if you have any questions. Expected delivery date will be within 4-6 weeks.