Fitness Stream

We have a unique fitness stream of squads that focus on stroke development, speed, and overall fitness. These squads train similarly to our competitive squads however there is a smaller focus on competitive swimming and a larger emphasis on improving fitness and swimming abilities. They also provide swimmers who want to swim and don’t want to compete OR athletes who want to use swimming as an extra fitness builder complimenting their main sport, a platform where they can not only keep enjoying the sport but also building friendships with fellow swimmers.

Stay Active Squad is our entry-level fitness squad and focuses mainly on stroke development with young swimmers and building their endurance up to be able to progress into swimming in the 50m long-course pool. They train once a week and ages range between 7-11.

Intermediate Squad is the next step in our fitness stream and again focuses on stroke progression and a larger emphasis on fitness and building endurance. Swimmers are recommended to train 2-3 times a week to ensure continued physical and technical development. Swimmers in this squad are required to join DTSC as an Associate Member, which will allow them to receive club updates and participate in club events. Ages are generally from 12+ and is a great option for Year 12 students wanting to maintain fitness for school swimming and other competitions/sports.

Senior Squad is our final fitness squad and trains alongside the state/national squads. Swimmers in these squads are generally past competitive/state swimmers who are still keen on advanced swimming training at a non-competitive level. There are 5 sessions a week available, with a recommended 4-5 per week.