Junior Squad

Average age: 9 – 13
Sessions: 3-4 per week
Equipment required: Kickboard, Pullbuoy, Fins


Junior Squad swimmers train three sessions per week and are generally aged between 9 to 13 years. They are coached in a variety of strokes and skills with a major emphasis on technique and racing development.

The primary focus of the Junior Squad is to further correct stroke technique, improve skills and stroke coordination. Swimmers will continue to develop their racing skills such as dives, turns and finishes specific to each stroke. In this squad swimmers are expected to participate in time trials as a part of their session, which will run on the last week of term. This is aimed to give them more confidence and experience at racing and will get them prepared for school carnivals and other club events.

Junior squad swimmers are required to join DTSC as a member and are trained towards Club and District level competitions. All swimmers in this squad will be encouraged to represent the club at Encouragement Meets, that will be set by the coach (please refer to Competition Calendar).

2022 Training Schedule