Go Academy Squad 2

Average age: 9 – 12
Sessions: 2-4 per week
Equipment required: Kickboard, Pullbuoy, Fins

Our Go Academy Squad 2 is our first step into becoming a competitive swimmer and focuses on stroke development, race skills and swimming fitness. 

The swimmers in this squad will be encouraged to participate in DTSC club championships and will be introduced to competitions in a friendly club environment. Swimmers will also be introduced to Time Trials, which run on the last week of each term as a part of their training. This will give swimmers more confidence and experience at racing as well as a chance to practise their race skills needed to participate in school swimming carnivals, encouragement meets and other club events.

Children joining this group must be able to swim 50m freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke with correct technique/timing, 25m of butterfly, and be able to tumble turn/touch turn. Swimmers will also be required to keep up with specific time cycles.

2022 Training Schedule