State Development Squad

Average age: 12-18
Sessions: 4 per week
Equipment required: Kickboard, Pullbuoy, Fins


Development Squad swimmers are required to attend a minimum of four swim sessions per week and are offered three dry land sessions each week throughout the year. Swimmers are generally aged between 12 to 18 years and show a high level of commitment and ability in competitive swimming. In this squad, swimmers have a strong desire to improve their training and competition performances and are working towards achieving Victorian Age qualifying times. Swimmers will be working on a variety of different drills specific for each stroke, to further strengthen their technique and focus on their weaknesses.

As a part of Doncaster Templestowe Swim Club all members of this squad are required to register as competitive members with DTSC and Swimming Victoria each year for competition purposes.

In this squad swimmers also asked to compete at a number of qualifying meets that are set by the coach. Please refer to Competition Calendar.

2022 Training Schedule